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One Team, One Mission

Verticalized Production?

VMC has always internally managed the entire production cycle, from the initial phase to the last, in order to ensure the creation of professional products. This is made possible thanks to well-organized planning and optimal production, followed by all the phases leading to the final sale. Throughout the process, constant control is carried out at every stage of production. The company has always had a quality manual and implements product traceability to identify the individual stages of product transformation.



Attrezzature per cucire

Everything begins here, in our style office. Vignoni is not just a production partner; within the company, we have a style office dedicated to researching and analyzing fashion trends and innovations, which serves our customers. Our goal is to anticipate market trends and create unique and personalized collections. Thanks to this focus on trends and the creativity of our team, we are able to offer our customers collections that exceed expectations, with unique and personalized products.



VMC's production planning and control team manages, monitors, and verifies the various processes that take place within the company, from raw material input to the achievement of the finished product. It interacts with the managers of each production and commercial phase from order receipt to delivery, monitoring the entire production process in real-time to provide VMC customers with efficient service and responses.







The sewing department represents an important phase in the production of socks. Characterized by careful and technical approach, this department plays an essential role in ensuring the quality and precision of our products.

After organized planning, it's time to proceed with the production of items, which takes place at the Gottolengo headquarters. The company invests annually in its production department, high-quality research, and development, composed of highly qualified personnel capable of concretely responding to customer requests. VMC and its team are called upon to advance sustainable progress and innovative ideas that can act on multiple levels, involving supply chain work and inspiring consumers towards more conscious choices.





We color our products using non-hazardous, non-toxic, hypoallergenic pigments, and auxiliary products compliant with the strictest European regulations. In our dyeing department, auxiliary products are dosed and added through an automatic system managed by modern software, which ensures the optimization of the quantity of chemicals used. Our system also allows for the recovery of cooling water from the dyeing process. This means that water is reused during subsequent production processes, allowing us to save energy and water.



VMC is one of the few fully verticalized Italian companies that can boast an in-house screen printing department. In this way, the company can assist the customer 360 degrees, guaranteeing a comprehensive service that will lead to the achievement of the exact finished product depicted by the customer. Below is a preview of the photo shoot service for SS23, now available through our distribution channels!





Our attention to every single detail is clearly reflected in how we package our products. At VMC - Vignoni, we always care about the quality of packaging and, at the same time, the environment's well-being; in fact, we adopt eco-friendly packaging for every item we produce.



VMC's sales team consists of industry professionals, each with specific skills and responsibilities but united by a common goal that drives them to constantly pursue customer satisfaction and support the brand in terms of product, packaging, and assortments. Their efforts constitute the foundation of the company's success, through the development of samples, punctuality of deliveries, production of high-quality items, and price competitiveness. The team is committed to constantly improving the offer and increasing sales, in order to gain the trust of our customers worldwide.

Agitare on It



Digitando sul computer

Innovation is one of VMC's main priorities in meeting customer needs. We have introduced a customized platform to enable the digitalization of production processes in all three company facilities. This platform embraces various functionalities, such as product sheets, machine order scheduling, production management, connection to knitting machines, quality management, data collection via WiFi tablets, and traceability. For VMC Srl, having a comprehensive view and the ability to analyze data allows us to connect all work departments and enables us to provide customers with a rapid response to their needs.

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