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Whistleblowing, provided by VMC - Vignoni, represents an essential means of corporate compliance, allowing employees to confidentially and securely report any illicit behavior encountered during their work activities.

VMC - Vignoni encourages all those who wish to intervene in the management process of reports and consequent actions, as well as all employees, members of social bodies, and collaborators in general, to report through the SafeWhistle platform any type of illicit conduct, violation of Model 231 and Legislative Decree 231/2001, of the Ethical Code and Supplier Code of Conduct, as well as any actions and behaviors that may harm the company.


Whistleblowers are called to:

  • make reports in good faith, detailed, and based on precise and consistent factual elements;

  • refrain from making unfounded or unsubstantiated reports based on unconfirmed rumors or gossip, or from making reports that do not fall within the scope identified in this Procedure;

  • not to use reports as tools to solve personal issues or solely to harm the reported individual or for opportunistic reasons.

How to make a Whistleblower report through the SafeWhistle platform.

1 /

Access the website at the following link and review the privacy policy.

Follow the instructions you will find within the platform.

2 /

Click on "New Report" and fill in the mandatory fields (*): title and subject. You can also provide additional information about your identity, but the report must include:

  • The circumstances of time and place of the reported incident.

  • A detailed description of the incident, including any documentary evidence.

  • Elements to identify the subject involved.

3 /
The platform will ask you optionally for consent to disclose your identity (if provided) to individuals other than those competent to receive and manage the reports.

When you are certain of the content to be submitted in written form, click on "Submit Report".


At this point, the platform will release the unique alphanumeric code (ticket code) that you must note down, keep, and not disclose to third parties. This will be the only way for you to access this report again to monitor the progress and responses from the manager, by clicking on "Reopen Ticket" on the initial screen (whether you made an anonymous report or revealed your identity).


Once the report is submitted, you will receive a receipt or notification, directly visible on the platform.

With this notification, the deadline for notifying the receipt of the report is considered fulfilled.


Within three months (unless there are exceptional circumstances) from the receipt or notification (which is sent within 7 days of the report), you will receive the outcome of your report.


You can also submit reports anonymously through the platform. They will be considered according to different procedures from country to country, in accordance with local regulations.


The data and information present on the platform are stored within it and kept for a period of 5 years.

  • V.M.C. SRL promotes ethical principles, respect for integrity, and protection of the whistleblower throughout the entire process.

  • V.M.C. SRL is committed to protecting the privacy of all individuals involved.

  • Reports are securely archived within the platform.

  • All reports undergo a preliminary investigation; you may be contacted for further details by the Reporting Manager.

  • The report remains confidential.

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