The Green Philosophy

VMC - Vignoni can be proud to have spent the last 40 years pursuing an efficient environmental policy. Especially over the last couple of years, making large investments in energy savings have brought us significant results.


has addressed the following fundamental points:

  • Optimising and saving energy (electricity and heating)
  • Recycling packaging and other materials
  • Using recyclable packing materials for packaging our products
  • Keeping check on our atmospheric emissions
  • Reducing our use of chemical products




Over time, focusing on saving energy has led us towards being more and more sustainable. Like all manufacturing companies we are “energyvores”, and at first we used a lot of energy.

Cogeneration and trigeneration plant

In 2007 we installed a trigeneration plant, for the joint production of electricity, heating and cooling. A 1,604-kWe generator fuelled by methane gas generates the electricity required by the factory. Recovering the heat throughout the process gives us hot water for heating up rooms and vapour for manufacturing processes. It also converts thermal energy into cool energy needed to air-condition the weaving rooms.

Photovoltaic installation

In 2012, at our site in Castel Goffredo, after the removal and subsequent recovery of the approximately 5,000 m² Eternit roofing, we mounted a 643.90-kWp photovoltaic installation onto the roof. We are also equipped with all the systems available to help us lower our consumption of electricity: our main engines are controlled by inverters that optimise their outputs, we have low consumption and timed internal and external lighting, and air-conditioning is regulated by temperature-controlled systems.

Our environmental policy

  • Most up to date and better-performing knitting machines have been installed, reducing energy consumption by 35%
  • A new led lighting system has been installed with 50% energy saving
  • High power motors have replaced by new IE3 motors, with a reduction of energy consumption by 5%
  • A new hydrocarbon free non-mineral lubricant oil is being used with a reduced emvironmental impact and 15% Energy saving


Recycling packaging

We are still busting those boxes

One of the strong points of our environmental policy is the recovery of all types of packaging and manufacturing waste. Within the manufacturing site in Gottolengo, we have established a dedicated ECO-FRIENDLY AREA where materials can be stored correctly. On reinforced concrete flooring, created specifically to avoid any ground contamination, we have placed separate containers for recycling:

  • paper and cardboard
  • plastic
  • used oils and lubricants
  • textile scraps (synthetic and natural fibres)

These materials undergo various recycling processes carried out by specialised companies that we have close agreements with. For example, textile scraps are recycled by a specialised company and converted into filling to be used in furniture. Our wooden packing materials (pallets) and empty cisterns are returned to our suppliers so that they can be used again.


Using recyclable packing materials for packaging our products:

Nothing is created and nothing is destroyed

In collaboration with some of our suppliers, we have carefully studied how we can optimise the use of packaging materials.

All the packaging that we use for transporting our brand products are recyclable, they do not have metal hooks, and are made out of recycled materials. We pay particular attention to studying their dimensions, to avoid wasting materials and space. Even for artwork, we use suppliers whose paints have a low environmental impact.

For our private label sales, our clients decide which materials they want to use for their packaging, however where possible we always try to suggest that they use recyclable materials.


Emissions into the atmosphere:

We are putting on airs

Although our company is classified as a business that produces “scarce amounts of atmospheric pollution” (art. 272 paragraph 1 of Lgs. D. 152/06), by working in close collaboration with a company that is specialised and qualified in this subject, we constantly monitor our level of emissions, always fulfilling the requirements of authorities who are specialists in the environmental field.


Reducing our use of water and chemical products:

The right formula

At the beginning of the 1970s we were the first, within the textile district, to construct an organic installation where we could purify the water used during the dyeing process. We have developed a technologically innovative system for the collection, filtering, softening, and thermal recovery of the water used in the dyeing process, allowing us to save 30% of the water we would have used through traditional dyeing procedures. The colorants and other dyeing products we use are innocuous, non-toxic and hypoallergenic, and adhere to the latest European regulations. The products we use are managed by an automatic weighing, dosage and administering system, run by state of the art software. Thanks to this careful management, we have received the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification.


We are

an Eco-Factory

We believe in green energy innovation and have invested 3,500,000€:

  • to help save the environment
  • to reduce production costs
  • to make our costumers aware of the importance of adopting a "green attitude".

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The Green Philosophy

Vignoni have spent the last 40 years pursuing an efficient environmental policy.

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