February 2015:
100 most up to date knitting machines have been installed with 48% energy saving and an increase of production efficiency by 9%.

December 2014:
In the knitting room a new LED lighting system has been installed. It complies with IEC 62471, for protection against photobiological risks.
There is 50% energy saving as compared to the previous system with standard fluorescent light bulbs.

May 2014:
We partecipated in a project called  LiCEA (Life Cicle based Energy Audit), promoted by the European Union, for the creation of a model for energy efficiency and environmental improvement.

September 2014:
A new system for monitoring power grids was installed to check consumption of driving forces and lighting. The system complies with IEC 60359 EN 62053.

January 2015:
According to the Energy and Environment audit performed by AGIRE within a project called LiCEA, VMC has achieved much higher results  as compared to the average results of the hosiery sector.

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For the new season VMC has launched Q-NOVA® microfiber tights, the certified fibre by Fulgar, made from regenerated fibres manufactured through innovative and eco-sustainable processes that minimize environmental impact thanks to reduced air emissions, reduced water consumption and the use of energy from renewable sources.

Tights with a very silky and super soft touch which combine performance and comfort.

Together with an important retailer VMC has developed a full range of tights and leggings made of natural fibres: organic cotton dyed through processes that make the garment absolutely non-toxic when it comes in contact with skin.

Softness and well-being with eco-friendly products which contribute to sustainable development and respect for the environment.

VMC presenta il nuovo collant effetto rinfrescante, prodotto con NILIT® BREEZE.

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