Together with an important retailer VMC has developed a full range of tights and leggings made of natural fibres: organic cotton dyed through processes that make the garment absolutely non-toxic when it comes in contact with skin.

Softness and well-being with eco-friendly products which contribute to sustainable development and respect for the environment.

VMC presenta il nuovo collant effetto rinfrescante, prodotto con NILIT® BREEZE.

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The entire production cycle of tights, from their raw materials to yarn spinning, dyeing and packaging, and finishing with storage and despatch; all whilst undergoing careful and meticulous quality controls.

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The new website is online where you will find VMC Vignoni describing their business, telling us about their history, and presenting their wide range of tights and stockings.

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Vignoni have spent the last 40 years pursuing an efficient environmental policy.

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