Transparent quality


VMC’s strong point has always been in its search for the right quality/price/service ratio. Quality begins with our ideas and carries on through every stage of manufacture, whilst being subjected to careful and meticulous checks. All of our final products are regulated to respect and protect the health of humans and the environment, in line with Italian and European standards and regulations.

VMC is a member of the ‘Centro Servizi Calza di Castel Goffredo’ (Hosiery Services Centre in Castel Goffredo), through which it regularly submits its products for laboratory testing.

Thanks to the care we have always shown regarding technological updates and work security, VMC passes all technical and ethical audits with flying colours, commissioned by some of the biggest distribution chains and carried out by independent international auditors such as Intertek, Bureau Veritas, SGS, as well as directly by clients themselves.

The company has created its own quality manual and can make systematic use of the product’s traceability to go back and check all the stages of production.

We focus a lot of our attention on our human resources and their training, as well as when we select our suppliers, chosen for their production capabilities, flexibility and fulfilment of our requirements over time.

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Transparent quality

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